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Project Awakened

Hello everyone!!! =D
Ok so there is a game out there being developed, and it’s called Project Awakened.
The Kickstarter failed to get enough money to start because not enough people pledged. It required $500,000 and only made it to around $400,000.
This time the own company is using it’s website to gain the money necessary and it only requires $250,000 to start this time. There are other stretch goals that you can see on the site.
I know we can do it this time and reach the goal! =D
If you love video games, and superheroes and powers, then GO FUND THIS GAME =D
You get special rewards for funding it =)
If it gets to $450,000 then it will support Mac, and Linux =)

Please, it would mean a lot to me, and thousands of others if you did =)

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